The Three Caballeros


The Three Caballeros was first released in cinemas on 3 February 1945. Production of The Three Caballeros had begun during the war however there were significant delays in its completion because the studio's staff were required to produce government material. After completion there was a further delay as they waited to get enough technicolour prints to release the film in cinemas.

The Tree Caballeros expands upon Saludos Amigos and is a bright, fast moving collage of sights and sounds. It has been likened to Disney's Fantasia and while it caused controversy amongst film buffs in 1945, it has recently become one of the most admired Disney features amongst film aficionados.

In the film, animation is mixed with live action. It stars Donald Duck, Joe Carioca and Panchito and has strong Brazilian and Mexican influences in music, storylines and settings. Amongst the short stories are; "Aves Raras" (Strange Birds) which features Pablo the Penguin and the crazy aracuan bird. Next is a short story about Little Gauchito and his Flying burrito (donkey), then Donald Duck is featured in a trip around Brazil, guided by his friend Joe Carioca. To conclude, Donald Duck joins with Joe Carioca and Panchito (a Mexican Charro Rooster) to sing the Three Caballeros.


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